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New Events Group Presents - Original Stories:
Bible Barn
Our Very First Bible Stories - circa 1995, Remade Movies For 2015
God's Great News
Gepetto and Pinnochio
The Geriatrics
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The Picture Bible - The Old Testament
The Picture Bible - The New Testament
The Picture Bible - The Church
The Rainbow Kids
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Welcome to - where fairy tales come to life!

Our newest Featured Movie! - a NEGI Production 

Featuring Gepetto and Pinnochio 


 The Aviary


The Aquarium


The Dinosaur Museum 


The Herpetarium


The Insectorium 


The Zoo - Part 1


The Zoo - Part 2


After you have finished watching the Gepetto and Pinnochio videos, see how many animals you can name in the video below.



The Geriatrics


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